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Letters of Administration


When a person dies without leaving a will this is referred to as Intestacy and their estate is referred to as an intestate estate. Letters of Administration are grants of probate issued by a Probate Court made when intestacy occurs. The letter of administration allows the deceased’s next of kin to manage the intestate estate. This is necessary as an Executor has not been named due to the lack of a will.

According to the Succession Act 2006, the estate goes to the next of kin, which also applies to de facto relationships that have lasted for more than 2 years. The letter of administration allows the next of kin access to the deceased’s superannuation, property, bank accounts and other assets.

State legislation determines who can or cannot apply to be an administrator of a intestate estate. The assets of the estate will become the property of the administrator, thus enabling them to distribute the estate’s assets.

If you are considering applying for a letter of administration then it is vital you seek professional legal advice.

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